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We have been specializing in Men's Fashion for 80 Years.


广东永裕源电子商务有限公司是注册于兴宁市的综合性电子商务企业,公司注册资本壹仟万元整,广东永裕源电子商务有限公司协同利嘉国际(香港)有限公司[Li Jia International (Hong Kong) Co.,Limited]生产、销售“永裕源” 品牌男士服饰,线上、线下、跨境销售。

Guangdong Yongyuyuan is a comprehensive electronic commerce company with headquarter in Xingning. The registered Capital reaches 10 million. We build an Excellent Production and Marketing System of YYY brand with Li Jia International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited. We support online sales, offline sales, and cross-border sales.

  利嘉国际(香港)有限公司[Li Jia International (Hong Kong) Co.,Limited]旗下拥有的“永裕源”品牌,是一个具有80多年悠久历史的品牌,“永裕源”男士服饰以其简约、精致、优雅、奢华的设计风格和精工制作吸引众多追求高品位的优雅男士。

Li Jia International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited is the brand owner of Yongyuyuan, with a long history of more than 80 years. Featuring simple, delicate, elegant as well luxury in style and perfect in workmanship, Yongyuyuan attracts numerous gentlemen who pursue high grade.